Q: I’ve signed up for the Leading Complexity program, is it ok to share the links of the recorded videos freely?
A: No, it is not ok to share the links to the recordings since they are for paying participants only. This is in agreement with the speakers.

Q: I’m signing up late for the program, can I view the previous sessions somewhere?
A: Whenever you sign up for the master class series, you will get access to all the videos from the previous events + live access to the remaining ones.

Cancellation policy

Q: I cannot fulfill my participation in this program, what can I do?
A: The registration fee is non-refundable but if you cannot participate in the program yourself, we are happy to transfer your ticket to a colleague or friend. There is no charge for transferring a ticket, just contact us at info@leadingcomplexity.com.

Buying multiple tickets

Q: What do I do if I want to buy multiple tickets?

A: You can buy multiple tickets on our website but then you need to email us all the names and email addresses to info@leadingcomplexity.com for the people that will participate. That way we can add them to our mailing lists.

Scholarship tickets

Q: Do you have any discount tickets available?

A: We don’t know yet if we can provide scholarship tickets for the 2024 program. But if you are a student and you demonstrate an ambition to be part of a community looking to change the way we work in the future, please send us an application email to info@leadingcomplexity.com and let us know why you would like a scholarship to the Leading Complexity program.

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