Sonja Blignaut

Wayfinder, Artist, Scientist

Sonja Blignaut

Sonja partners with people who need to navigate, make sense of, and lead in uncertainty. She spans the boundaries of leadership, organisational development & change, strategy, risk, innovation, and marketing. In short, she works wherever there is complexity, which nowadays is more or less everywhere.

Sonja teaches locally and internationally on Complexity, the Cynefin Framework (she is an Associate of The Cynefin Company), Waysfinding, and Complexity Fitness. She is certified in various individual and systemic coaching methods and a sought-after speaker, with experience at various conferences locally and internationally, including TedX.

Sonja studied Meteorology, and that background in the natural sciences gives her a unique perspective on human systems. She cut her teeth earlier in her career at PwC Consulting and IBM, before deciding to strike out on her own. Some of her clients include Ikea, Nedbank, Liberty, Momentum Metropolitan, Waters Romania, and many others.

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